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Life360 has introduced a new feature that sends flight landing notifications to keep friends and family informed.

Life360, a family location services company, has introduced a new feature in its apps that sends automatic notifications to friends and family when you arrive at your destination following a flight.

According to Life360, the feature utilizes phone sensors to accurately gauge location, altitude, and speed in order to ascertain whether or not you are embarking on a flight. In addition, the system’s algorithms are capable of accurately identifying takeoff and landing times and subsequently notifying family members once you have connected to the network after landing.

The company stated that the landing notification feature serves as a practical alternative to using online flight trackers or relying on the traveler to provide updates to their circle. The feature is available to all users who have updated their app to the latest version. To disable it, simply go to the settings and toggle off the Flight Detection option.

Life360, with over 66 million active users, has introduced a new feature for flight-taking users. Now, the people in their circle can see a plane icon as a movement indicator, in addition to existing activities like walking, running, biking, and driving.

The company’s CEO, Chris Hulls, expressed to Eltrys the company’s dedication to prioritizing safety and protection updates for users’ inner circle. According to him, Apple’s solution is quite generic when compared to others. Furthermore, he mentioned that Life360 is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.

Hulls stated that the company plans to launch a new Tile lineup this year, following its acquisition of $205 million in 2021. However, no further information was provided.

Apple’s one-size-fits-all hardware offerings pale in comparison to the comprehensive range of options we plan to develop. The speaker mentioned the integration of Bluetooth tags and GPS devices with LTE connections, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the service.

Life360 introduced its premium membership in Canada in 2022 and expanded to the U.K. in 2023. The company plans to extend the paid tier to Australia next year.

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