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My Pocket Lawyer wants to increase access to justice.

Charlie Hernandez, the founder and CEO of My Pocket Lawyer, a website that aims to democratize access to legal advice and assistance for those who cannot afford a lawyer, is joining Becca and Dom this week. Hernandez discussed why he chose not to pursue a regular legal profession and instead utilized his degree to address this issue. He also discussed:

My Pocket Lawyer used AI to select publicly accessible legal materials for its customers in order to assist them in determining the next steps in their legal issue.
Why, in comparison to charity or pro bono legal work, a company like My Pocket Lawyer is a superior method to tackling this issue owing to its potential to scale.
He’s received some negative reactions from prospective clients and the legal business.
Dom and Becca returned to the microphone after the chat to discuss their thoughts on the company’s aim. The guests also discussed the difficulties that the firm may have in garnering client confidence, as well as their ongoing perplexity about how a product like this can generate money.

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