Apple Music now allows collaborative playlists.

Yesterday, Apple revealed that iOS 17.3 gives Apple Music users collaborative playlists. Like its name suggests, the new tool enables friends and family to collaborate on playlists. Invitees can choose tunes for a shared playlist. The function allows you to respond to music using emoticons.

The new functionality simplifies song sharing in one spot. It may also be used to organize party and gaming night soundtracks. The new option follows Spotify’s “Jam” collaborative playlist feature a few months ago.

Go to a playlist and click the new “Collaborate” button next to the download symbol on the top right of your screen to activate the function. Invite friends to the playlist. Participants will be texted to join the playlist. Everyone in the playlist may add, delete, or reorganize songs.

Apple postponed iOS 17’s collaborative playlists until 2024.

Apple also unveiled SharePlay, allowing users to contribute to driving music. Other trustworthy iPhones will be invited to join Apple Music sessions in cars. Even without Apple Music, listeners may manage the music on their devices.

The new Stolen Device Protection feature in iOS 17.3 protects your data from criminals.

To enable stolen device protection, go to settings and touch “Face ID & Passcode.” Turning on Stolen Device Protection requires entering your device passcode. To operate, the feature must be enabled before the device is lost or stolen.

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