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Bitcoin is still rising, Block unveils a hardware wallet, Robinhood enters the EU, and venture capitalists could soon get some respite.

According to CoinMarketCap statistics, Bitcoin had another great week, rising over 15% to almost $44,000 over the course of seven days. It seems that everyone in the cryptocurrency space is feeling more upbeat. During that period, Ethereum—the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization—saw growth of more than 15%, reaching almost $2,300.

As additional money enters the cryptocurrency market, the overall market capitalization has generally increased 14% over the previous week, from around $1.4 trillion to $1.6 trillion.

As it rises, Bitcoin also makes a comeback to the top 10 worldwide “top assets by market cap” group. According to CompaniesMarketCap statistics, Bitcoin came in at number nine, behind equities such as Nvidia, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, and gold and silver.

Currently, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is over $854 billion, making up more than half of the whole cryptocurrency market value.

Prior to founding CoinFund, David worked for Venrock, a venture capital company, for 14 years. Additionally, he oversaw the Dollar Shave Club Series A and B rounds, which Unilever purchased for $1 billion. Additionally, David was a member of Apple’s system software product marketing division in 1991, when he co-founded Apple Music.

We spoke about the status of the cryptocurrency venture capital scene, the areas he is concentrating on investing in, and what he believes investors are overlooking.

We also discussed:

AI is in contrast to crypto.
NFTs’ future.
Regulatory impact on investors.
Outlook for 2024.
suggestions for new businesses.
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Pay attention to the swan. In order to increase its institutional offerings, Bitcoin raised $40 million.
Money market and yield-focused DeFi models Curvance, a Bitcoin-based startup, received $3.6 million in its initial round. Babylon collected $18 million to create its system for staking.
Ten collected $7.5 million to enhance the security of Ethereum.
Versatus, a scaling company focusing on Ethereum, raised $2.3 million at a $50 million value.

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