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eBay has added a “shop the look” tool to its iOS app that is driven by AI.

eBay has introduced a new feature in its iOS mobile app that will cater to fashion enthusiasts. The feature, called “Shop the Look,” utilizes generative AI technology to suggest a curated carousel of images and ideas based on the customer’s shopping history. The company promises to customize its recommendations for each user and adjust them as they participate in more shopping activities. The purpose is to explore the potential of incorporating additional fashion items into one’s existing wardrobe.

In order to achieve this, the “shop the look” feature will incorporate interactive hotspots. Tapping these hotspots will reveal similar items and outfit ideas. The resulting looks will encompass both pre-owned and luxury items that align with the user’s individual fashion preferences. eBay highlights that the feature is powered by eBay.AI and was developed in collaboration with the company’s Responsible AI team and RAI Principles.

The “Shop the Look” feature will be visible to eBay shoppers who have viewed a minimum of 10 fashion items within the last 180 days, according to the company’s statement. The display will be visible on both the eBay homepage and the fashion landing page.

eBay’s latest addition provides a fresh approach to displaying its extensive inventory for sale. This new feature has the potential to boost sales if it proves successful. EBay intends to explore expansions into additional categories in the future and will also enhance the feature with more personalization elements in the coming year.

Other companies are also investigating the potential of AI to enhance the fashion shopping experience. Last summer, Google introduced a new AI shopping feature that allows consumers to virtually try on clothes. Amazon has utilized artificial intelligence to assist customers in finding properly fitting clothing during their online shopping experience. In those cases, Amazon designed the AI functionalities to help customers find the right fit or size. However, eBay’s latest feature primarily focuses on fashion inspiration, specifically assisting users in discovering their ideal style. It can be more challenging to achieve, considering the subjectivity of personal style.

The “Shop the Look” feature will first be accessible on iOS devices in the United States and United Kingdom, and Android support will be added at a later date this year.

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