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Fortnite and Epic Games Store are arriving to iOS in Europe.

Fortnite is returning to iOS four years later, but only European gamers may join.

Epic Games and Apple’s ongoing dispute over App Store revenues took a new step on Thursday when Apple revealed EU iOS updates. Apple will enable apps to be “sideloaded” from outside the App Store to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which regulates six of the major internet corporations.

The major improvements will allow developers to distribute iOS apps through other channels or create app marketplaces. Apple has long opposed sideloading iOS applications, like Google Play does, citing that it would lower security and privacy.

Epic wants to bring Fortnite, the blockbuster battle royale game that has become a digital marketplace, back to iOS this year after the revisions. The announcement that Epic would open the Epic Games Store for iOS in the EU coincides with the plan to sell Fortnite for iOS.

Epic Games doesn’t like how Apple will execute DMA compliance in the EU App Store makeover, which is a huge change. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney called Apple’s proposals “hot garbage” with rubbish fees on Thursday.

Epic is preparing for an iOS relaunch against Apple’s regulations. Epic manages the Epic Game Store, a Mac-compatible PC game retailer, in addition to Fortnite and the Unreal Engine. The Epic Game Store generates income as a digital landlord like Apple, although its 13% revenue split (developers keep 88%) and in-app purchase regulations are less harsh.

Epic clearly sees a profitable future in expanding its software marketplace business. As Fortnite has grown from a few third-person shooter game variants to a Roblox-like doorway for digital games, that ambition is becoming clearer. Fortnite features dozens of user-generated games, including three bright new titles designed by Epic that give survival, racing, and rhythm gaming options to Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

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