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Hellohive is fighting employment discrimination as more fair firms arise.

Hellohive, a resume and recruiting tool, creates a virtual community for businesses and job seekers to reduce hiring prejudice.

The startup is among a growing number of résumés and talent applications fighting employment prejudice. Hellohive connects underrepresented and socially excluded applicants with employers they would not have met otherwise. It also allows businesses to evaluate individuals beyond their education and employment history, allowing for a more holistic recruiting process that may diversify a workforce.

Goldman Sachs, American Express, and Morgan Stanley use Hellohive for company-candidate virtual networking. To help the company achieve its goals, the Tisch Family announced a $3.4 million Series A financing on Thursday.

After 10 years in undergraduate career assistance and recruitment, Byron Slosar started the firm in 2019. I saw an opportunity for technology to hire applicants from all varied backgrounds and experiences with a fair chance to discover success,” he told Eltrys. Career success shouldn’t be defined by who you know or where you go to school. We promise to give everyone who works hard the same chance at success.

He considered fundraising “always challenging” but enjoyed meeting new people and making connections.

Hellohive’s comprehensive recruiting strategy is crucial when corporations abandon DEI obligations.

Job hopefuls may get resume formatting advice from the app to entice companies. A course model trains candidates for job recruiting. After expressing interest in an employer on the app, the recruiting process begins.

“Hive’s technology unlocks a unique level of connectivity and understanding among all participants in the recruitment conversation and modernizes and humanizes the recruitment process for all involved,” said Dan Levine, who works with Tom Tisch at his family firm.

The Pearl Fund, Ann Tenenbaum, Jeff Altman, and Robert Bell Wilkins also invested.

Slosar said Hellohive would utilize this financing to grow its executive team, improve its technology, and attract more customers. So far, the firm has raised $9 million.

Slosar added, “I’m excited to see the impact that an all-inclusive, ever-evolving, and self-identified approach to diversity will have on the world.”

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