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OpenAI signs up its first higher education customer, Arizona State

Arizona State University is OpenAI’s first university client.

ASU announced today that it is working with OpenAI to deliver ChatGPT, OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot, to researchers, staff, and professors.

Starting in February, ASU will have an open contest for teachers and staff to submit ChatGPT ideas for student achievement. expanded research and organizational efficiency.

“As OpenAI begins to explore how to market or align a business for universities, they’re looking for a design partner, a thought partner, and I think that’s a significant measure of why we’ve come together today to make this announcement,” ASU CIO Lev Gonick told Eltrys in an email. The relationship with OpenAI makes ASU an active player in defining future generations of AI usage in higher education.

As AI evolves faster than curriculum, the OpenAI-ASU collaboration shows changing views on AI in education.

Schools and universities banned ChatGPT last summer due to concerns about plagiarism and misinformation. Since then, several have lifted their prohibitions and hosted seminars on generative AI tools and learning.

ASU, naturally, supports AI for education.

Gonick added, “The open call to faculty, staff, and researchers ensures that we can provide ongoing and meaningful support that lays the foundations for our teams to harness the true potential of these technologies to augment human learning and creativity, not replace it. This strategy is part of a strategic effort to prepare our students for AI’s responsible and scalable use across the university. We seek to create an ethical and effective environment for AI resource use, laying the groundwork for academic technology integration.

Full-time ASU workers will receive ChatGPT Enterprise accounts. ChatGPT Enterprise, launched in August, can write emails, debug code, and write essays like ChatGPT. However, it enhances ChatGPT’s performance, customization, privacy, and data analysis.

ChatGPT Enterprise’s admin panel lets you manage how employees utilize ChatGPT. OpenAI API credits help enterprises develop unique ChatGPT-powered solutions, while shareable conversation templates let users establish internal procedures.

ChatGPT Enterprise also includes priority access to ChatGPT and unrestricted access to Advanced Data Analysis, which lets customers have the AI analyze data, make charts, answer math problems, and more, even from uploaded files.

ASU will manage its ChatGPT Enterprise accounts and support and use the AI, according to Gonick.

“In this first phase, we’re giving ASU faculty, staff, and researchers priority access to our AI tools,” he said. Our current emphasis is on integrating ChatGPT Enterprise with our knowledge core to lead discovery and implementation.

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