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Shazam now identifies music in applications using headphones.

This week, Apple-owned Shazam added music identification via headphones. Open the app, check the headphone icon to confirm your headphones are connected, and then start detecting music around you or on TikTok and YouTube. The update works with Bluetooth and corded headphones.

Imagine watching TikTok with headphones and finding a song you like. Open Shazam, click Shazam, and then return to TikTok. The music will pause for a moment, and you may check Shazam for the song’s title and artist.

For example, you wish to know the music playing at a coffeeshop while wearing headphones. Shazam the music without taking off your headphones.

Last year, Shazam added music identification to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. You couldn’t do so with headphones until today.

Apple bought the 2002-founded Shazam for $400 million in 2017. Over 300 million people use the app monthly.

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