The new Kinnect app is meant to help families record and keep memories that span generations.

Kinnect, a nascent venture, endeavours to facilitate the private preservation of recipes, generational recollections, and other such items. This month saw the release of the company’s app, which enables users to establish invite-only spaces with their entire family in which they can share images, videos, audio, text, and more.

Omar Alvarez, an entrepreneur with prior experience working with telehealth brands specialising in mental health, established Kinnect in May 2023. Following the unfortunate demise of his closest friend to leukaemia and his grandfather to Alzheimer’s, Alvarez conceived the notion of Kinnect. 

Alvarez and his family were dealing with his grandfather’s impending memory loss at the start of his Alzheimer’s disease battle. They made an effort to locate a location where they could document and preserve his recollections; however, they were unable to do so prior to the demise of his grandfather. 

Four years ago, doctors diagnosed Delvarez’s closest companion with leukemia. He inquired whether Alvarez was aware of a method by which he could record and preserve private communications for his deceased wife, allowing her to access them at a later time. 

In November of last year, Alvarez’s closest companion passed away, which was six months prior to the release of Kinnect. Alvarez states that although he wishes he could have introduced Kinnect earlier so that his best friend could record messages and tales for his wife with ease, his best friend’s thoughts and experiences are an integral part of the application.

Image Credits: Kinnect

Alvarez chose the name “Kinnect” for the application because he believes it to be the most all-encompassing term for family, including both adopted and biological relatives. He envisions Kinnect as a platform that facilitates the sharing of generations’ worth of memories, not just those of blood relatives.

Alvarez told Eltrys, “My definition of family includes friends who feel like family, despite being gay and Latino simultaneously.” “The word ‘Kin’ in ‘Kinnect’ signifies the broadest definition of family.” The term ‘net’ refers to the necessity of establishing connections. I yearn for a feeling of inclusion. I fervently wish that Kinnect effectively mitigates sentiments of isolation and a sense of alienation.

When you start the application, it will prompt you to specify your objectives. For example, one may express the desire to “remember cherished individuals,” “share precious moments,” “preserve family history,” or “capture valuable life lessons.” Using Kinnect, you can select every option that pertains to your objectives.

Kinnect, similar to home feeds found on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, showcases developments from members of your invite-only area, including newly posted content or comments.

The application’s “Storybooks” function allows users to categorise recollections into digital albums based on various subjects. You can archive chapters in the ongoing family narrative for present or future generations to revisit at a later time.

If a family member is uncertain about what to include in the family’s storybook, they can use the “Guided Storytelling” feature of the application, which presents answerable prompts. For example, the application may request that you discuss your present residence and the factors that influenced your decision to relocate there. Many individuals, according to Alvarez, desire to record their own experiences but may not know where to begin; thus, the startup implemented the Guided Storytelling function. Kinnect intends to implement AI in the future to customise these prompts for each member of a family group. 

Image Credits: Kinnect

All ages, including grandparents and teenagers, can use the application. Alvarez asserts that it was crucial for him to develop a platform that was intuitive and suitable for senior citizens. 

Currently exclusive to iOS, Kinnect is forthcoming on Android from the startup, which has no intentions to release an Android app until then. 

Although Kinnect’s fundamental functionalities are free, users can subscribe for an entire year to gain unrestricted access to Storybooks and submit an unlimited number of photos, videos, and audio per Story. An annual subscription is available for $70 and is valid for use by a maximum of five family members. 

Alvarez alluded to the fact that Kinnect intends to transcend the digital realm and prioritise face-to-face interactions in the future. 

Alvarez stated, “We do not wish to be another technology company that focuses solely on digital solutions.” “The mental health benefits of interpersonal connections and a sense of affinity are well known to me. Additionally, we shall contemplate our virtual presence in the physical realm.

Techstar’s Rising Stars programme, which supports entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups in the United States, has awarded $100,000 in funding to the startup. Slauson & Co. is currently enrolled in an accelerator program for Kinnect.

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