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6 exceptional audiobook applications that are not Audible

Audiobooks provide a convenient means of animating written words and incorporating reading into one’s daily routine, such as during exercise, meal preparation, commuting, and leisure activities. The most popular audiobook app is frequently considered to be Audible, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. However, there are numerous other lesser-known alternatives that provide an excellent listening experience if you are interested in trying a new application or are just beginning to explore the realm of audiobooks.

We have curated a selection of six audiobook applications that we believe are worthy of your attention. Your own listening preferences and financial capabilities will probably determine the best application for you. Therefore, the list encompasses a range of applications that adhere to various models. has a subscription plan that grants you one audiobook credit and one VIP book credit per month, for a cost of $14.95. With the credits, you have the option to purchase any of the service’s 425,000 audiobooks or enroll in a genre club, which grants you unrestricted access to titles within that club for a duration of one month. As an example, you have the opportunity to become a member of the mystery and thriller club, where you may have access to an infinite number of titles for a duration of 30 days.

If you are not interested in subscribing on a monthly basis, you have the option to buy specific titles separately. provides a free 30-day trial, which includes the benefit of acquiring three audiobooks at no cost. It is important to mention that the site also offers a selection of 10,000 audiobooks that may be accessed for free. If you are already an avid audiobook listener and are interested in exploring a different alternative, this service is a favorable choice.

Everand, offered by Scribd, is an excellent choice for those seeking to consume many audiobooks on a monthly basis and are open to paying a recurring price. The application provides users with the ability to access audiobooks, e-books, and periodicals for a monthly fee of $11.99. The monthly cost includes the availability of material from Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare. It is important to mention that when you access a title on the site, you are streaming it in a similar manner to watching a movie on Netflix. This implies that you do not own the audiobook in a physical or permanent form.

Everand provides users with a restricted allocation of monthly titles, dependent upon their geographical location. The platform enables users to download titles for offline reading and listening, and it provides the ability to access titles on up to four devices. If you are hesitant to make a commitment but still want to test it, the service provides a 30-day trial period free of charge.

Libby is a cost-effective alternative for those who are budget-conscious and prefer not to allocate funds towards monthly audiobook purchases. The application allows users to access and enjoy a vast collection of complimentary audiobooks, e-books, and periodicals from their nearby library. Libby also allows users to add several library cards to the application, expanding their access to a wider range of titles.

The drawback is that if you are seeking to listen to a much-sought-after audiobook, you may encounter a considerable waiting period before it becomes available for borrowing. The audiobook may be borrowed for a maximum of three weeks, after which it must be returned. However, the application retains information about your last position, allowing you to easily borrow it again at a later time. Furthermore, there is a restriction on the maximum number of audiobooks that may be borrowed simultaneously; however, this is not a significant concern considering the complimentary access to titles.

Similar to Libby, Hoopla provides users with free access to audiobooks, e-books, and periodicals, contingent upon their library’s affiliation with Hoopla. Furthermore, the application provides not only written content but also a selection of television programs and films. Hoopla offers standard audiobook functionalities such as a sleep timer, bookmarking, and the ability to modify the audio speed. Similar to a typical library, there is a restriction on the quantity of titles you are able to borrow.

It is important to mention that the audiobook collection is expected to have a smaller number of audiobooks compared to a paid membership service such as Audible or Scribd. However, the application remains an excellent choice if your library has a collaboration with Hoopla and you are unable to afford a monthly membership.

Although unexpected, Spotify is included on this list for valid reasons. Spotify now provides Premium customers with a monthly allowance of 15 hours for listening to audiobooks at no additional cost. Several very popular books have a duration of less than 15 hours, allowing you to indulge in a complimentary audiobook on a monthly basis. It is important to mention that Spotify also offers the option to buy audiobooks separately.

If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber and have no intention of listening to many audiobooks or are new to the world of audiobooks, it might be wise to consider using Spotify’s new feature before exploring a specialized audiobook service. Nevertheless, if your intention is just to consume a single audiobook every month, an additional service may not be necessary. is a captivating audiobook application that allows you to purchase audiobooks while also providing support to your nearby retailers. Users have the option to choose a nearby bookshop to provide assistance with their purchases. offers a monthly subscription for $14.99, which grants you one audiobook credit. Additionally, you have the option to buy audiobooks individually. Whenever you get an audiobook from, the service distributes a portion of its earnings to the specific local bookshop that you have selected. Currently, has established connections with over 2,500 bookshops. stands out due to its distinctive feature of offering DRM-free audiobooks. This implies that users are not obligated to use the service’s app in order to listen to audiobooks. You are provided with the opportunity to download MP3 files and enjoy the audiobooks on any application or device of your choice, with the added benefit of permanent ownership.

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