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Anthropic’s Claude isn’t as popular on iOS as ChatGPT.

There appears to be a decline in consumer interest in mobile AI chatbot apps that are not ChatGPT. Anthropic recently launched its inaugural mobile app on iOS, allowing users to use the Claude 3 model through both free and paid subscriptions. Despite having the same functionality as its web version, as well as features like history sync and photo upload capabilities, the app only managed to accumulate 157,000 total global downloads in its first week on the market. In contrast, ChatGPT experienced a staggering 480,000 installations within the initial five days of its U.S. release, despite being limited to iOS devices at the time.

Claude did not achieve the same level of success as ChatGPT in becoming a popular app on the App Store. While ChatGPT’s app achieved remarkable success, reaching the top of the App Store and becoming one of the most popular new releases of 2023 (and the previous year! ), Claude’s reception has been relatively lukewarm.

According to data from app intelligence firm Appfigures, Claude reached its highest position among Apple’s top free iPhone apps in the United States at No. 55 on May 4, shortly after its release on the first of the month. As of Friday, the app was no longer among the most popular free iPhone apps in the United States. However, its position among the top free productivity apps in the United States has dropped significantly. It has dropped significantly from its previous position at No. 5 on May 4 to its current ranking of No. 51.

Image Credits: Appfigures

For comparison, just one week after its release, Claude achieved a ranking of 50 on the productivity chart. Just a week after ChatGPT’s release, it quickly climbed to the third spot overall and became the top productivity app.

Operating a vehicle Three major markets dominate Claude’s downloads: the U.S. leads with 50% of Claude installs, closely followed by Japan and the U.K. with 11% and 8%, respectively. Nevertheless, the data clearly shows a significant decline in interest in the new AI app once Claude joined the team. Within plummeted from five digits to four digits within just one week of its launch. Based on the decline, it appears that this ChatGPT competitor may not have the same consumer demand or brand recognition.

Image Credits: Appfigures

Admittedly, ChatGPT made its debut during a time when the market was ready for an official AI companion.

Prior to its release, several other apps took advantage of the rising popularity of AI tools by branding themselves as “ChatGPT” or “AI chatbot” in order to deceive users into believing they were an authentic OpenAI product. Although many of those apps operated as fleeceware, charging high subscription fees to access their AI features, the most popular ones still generated millions of dollars in consumer spending before ChatGPT’s App Store launch. The presence of the apps also contributed to the increased visibility of the ChatGPT brand, which is something that Anthropic’s Claude is currently lacking.

Image Credits: Appfigures

Claude is facing increased competition in the AI space compared to ChatGPT’s initial launch on iOS. Since then, Google has integrated AI into all of its products, including its Assistant and iOS search app. The company decided to rebrand and enhance its AI chatbot, Bard, giving it the new name Gemini. Meanwhile, platforms such as Quora’s Poe provide a convenient way for AI enthusiasts to experiment with ChatGPT, Claude, and various other AI models all in one location.

Image Credits: Appfigures
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