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Spotify now has custom AI mixes that you can make by following the on-screen instructions.

Spotify has achieved success with its widely acclaimed AI DJ feature, and it is now expanding its AI capabilities to playlist creation. The company launched AI playlists in beta on Monday. This feature enables users to create playlists by providing written prompts.

We will initially release the feature on Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia, with further improvements planned for the future.

Spotify suggests that in addition to the usual playlist creation requests, such as genre or time frame, their AI technology allows users to ask for a broader range of custom playlists. Examples include “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse.” Prompts can cover a wide range of topics, including various subjects such as locations, animals, activities, film characters, colors, or emojis. The company emphasizes that incorporating a variety of genres, moods, artists, and decades into prompts creates the most effective playlists.

Spotify uses this feature to personalize the playlists it creates based on its knowledge of users’ preferences.

Once the AI generates the playlist, users have the option to further refine the end result. They can issue commands such as “less upbeat” or “more pop” to make adjustments. Users have the option to swipe left on songs to remove them from the playlist.

Spotify utilizes large language models (LLMs) to comprehend the user’s intention, focusing on the technology aspect. Spotify utilizes its personalization technology to cater to the listener’s history and preferences, resulting in a customized AI-generated playlist.

The company utilizes various third-party tools to enhance its AI and machine learning capabilities.

In October 2023, Eltrys reported that Spotify was working on AI playlists. Reverse engineers Chris Messina and Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of Spotify’s app’s code, revealing the presence of AI playlists tailored to user prompts.

Spotify declined to comment on the findings, saying that it would not provide a statement on potential new features. In December 2023, the company verified that it was conducting tests on AI-powered playlist creation. This confirmation came after a TikTok video showcasing the feature, which the Spotify user referred to as “Spotify’s ChatGPT.”

To access the feature, navigate to the “Your Library” tab in Spotify’s app and tap on the plus button (+) located at the top right corner of the screen. A new option called the AI Playlist is displayed in a pop-up menu, alongside the existing options of “Playlist” and “Blend.”.

Spotify provides prompt suggestions to assist listeners who may be struggling to come up with ideas. These suggestions include options such as “enhancing focus at work with instrumental electronica,” “creating a pleasant ambiance with background café music,” “boosting energy levels with lively and optimistic songs,” or “delving into unique genres like Witch House,” among numerous others.

Simply tap the “Create” button to add an AI playlist to your library.

The company highlights that strict guidelines equip the AI to prevent it from responding to offensive prompts or queries related to current events or specific brands.

Over an extended period of time, Spotify has dedicated significant resources to improving its streaming service through the implementation of AI technology. Last year, the company expanded AI DJ’s global reach. To create a synthetic version of Spotify’s head of cultural partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan, the company utilized a blend of Sonantic and OpenAI technology. This artificial voice is responsible for introducing personalized song selections to the user. The previous year, Spotify announced its commitment to conducting internal research in order to gain a deeper understanding of the advancements in AI and large language models.

CEO Daniel Ek has hinted at additional ways Spotify could utilize AI, such as condensing podcasts, generating AI-based audio advertisements, and exploring other possibilities. The company has also explored the utilization of AI technology to replicate the voice of a podcast host for host-read advertisements.

Prior to the introduction of AI playlists, Spotify introduced a comparable feature called Niche Mixes. This feature enabled users to generate personalized playlists through prompts. However, unlike AI playlists, Niche Mixes did not utilize AI technology and had more limited language comprehension capabilities.

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