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BeReal boasts 23M DAUs and onboards brands and personalities.

BeReal, a new real social networking platform, is targeting corporations and celebrities. Starting February 6, businesses and celebrities may join up as “RealBrands” or “RealPeople” and share behind-the-scenes experiences with followers.

BeReal aims to make social media less contrived. Users receive a push notice at a random time each day reminding them it’s “time to be real,” giving them two minutes to post. When the app took off in 2022, it focused on connecting individuals with friends. BeReal is meant to be the anti-Instagram, encouraging users to share (largely) unedited glimpses of their daily lives, even if the randomly scheduled daily push notification captures you doing dishes instead of doing something fancy.

The RealBrand and RealPeople features may seem odd given BeReal’s overall offering.

“We understand your viewpoint. ‘How can something like this fit in with BeReal’s mission?'” says the feature blog. We feel that by showcasing that famous individuals and companies are just like us—boring and engaging at various times—we help reset and correct some of the negativity that has arisen from current social platforms.”

BeReal tells Eltrys it now has 23 million daily active users, up from 20 million in August. BeReal must retain users as growth slows. Over the last year, BeReal has added groups, mentions, numerous posts per day, pinned content, and a “friends of friends” feed. Pew estimates 13% of U.S. youths use the app.

BeReal’s inability to make money offsets its devotion to friendships. Facebook, another corporation founded to connect people, became an advertising business. BeReal, like other venture-funded social sites, must offer advertisements or premium features. The latter frequently proves to be harder.

These real brands and real people aren’t advertising. Like other BeReal users, they must publish spontaneously and on time. It’s easy to see how BeReal’s aspirations to generate money may start with brands.

“For those of you concerned that this is changing our focus, we can assure you that BeReal will always be about friends and close connections first,” the blog post adds.

Please nominate the Duolingo Owl for early access if brands start posting BeReal.

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Author: Juliet P.

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