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With Find My capability and a squeeze sensor, Apple’s $129 Pencil Pro comes

It may come as a surprise to learn that almost ten years have passed since the first announcement of the Apple Pencil, which took place in 2015. During that time period, the stylus has not undergone a significant amount of change. In 2018, the most significant change was the addition of magnetic charging to the line. The previous year introduced a variant that was less priced, had fewer features, and supported charging via USB-C during the same time period.

Because the gadget has been in need of a significant update for such a long time, the firm decided to make it the main focus of the invitations for the “Let Loose” event, which will take place on Tuesday.

The range will now include a Pro model. Because a new sensor was added, the gadget now has a squeeze feature that allows users to choose between brushes. The device also includes a haptic sensor, enabling it to provide physical feedback.

Find My is a feature that has been added to the Pencil line with the latest edition. It is a good addition to a gadget that can become lost between the cushions of a sofa.

While the premium model is compatible with the iPad Air, it is also compatible with the new iPad Pro. The former makes use of the M4 chip, which enables it to bring about additional features, such as the ability to change bokeh effects on the fly.

The Pencil Pro is available for $129! It is now available for pre-order, and it will begin arriving next week.

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