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Bluesky now has new options that let you customise the main Discover feed.

Bluesky now allows users to modify the appearance of their main Discover posts. The social network is releasing a new version of its app that lets users give feedback on its algorithmic feed. This way, users can better customize it by using the “Show more like this” and “Show less like this” buttons in a post’s menu to choose which content the algorithm shows.

The change will make it easier for Bluesky users to make a schedule that shows what they want to see instead of what the company thinks they should see. In a way, this feature is like X (formerly Twitter), which has a “Not interested in this post” button in its own “For You” list.

The new tool adds to the already powerful set of controls you can use to tailor your Bluesky experience.

Bluesky is different from centralised social media sites because it lets users create their own feeds that other people can subscribe to. These feeds may be based on a different set of ideas or methods than Bluesky’s Discover feed. This gives you more ways to browse the network and find interesting things.

You can also sign up for more than one review service on the social network, so you can choose what kinds of posts you want to see and what kinds you’d rather not. Bluesky’s tool, Ozone, also lets users make and run their own separate monitoring services.

Bluesky is trying to make a platform where users can make their own experiences rather than having a small group of leaders decide the rules and policies. Bluesky achieves this by granting users authority over such matters. It’s too bad that the decentralized option for Twitter/X has had trouble figuring out where the line should be between what users should control and when it needs to step in.

Bluesky faced criticism in its early years for its poor handling of control issues, such as allowing usernames containing racial slurs to pass through.

Furthermore, when Bluesky responded to calls for control, it lost the support of Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter. In a recent interview, Dorsey talked about why he quit the board. He said that he felt Bluesky was making the same mistakes as Twitter when it started to kick people off the service.

“This isn’t a truly decentralised protocol.” “It’s just another app,” he said about the choice.

Even though Dorsey was worried, Bluesky has kept giving users more tools, like the ability to create their own feeds, use algorithms and monitoring services, and now change how the discovery feed looks.

The Bluesky app is still the biggest server running its decentralised AT Protocol, but the company recently mentioned other projects working to create a bigger network. One of these is the writing site, which is also based on the AT Protocol (or atproto for short).

Bluesky has now grown to have about 5.6 million people. A few weeks ago, the company said that more big changes were on the way. These include video support, direct messages (DMs), better custom feeds, anti-harassment features, OAuth, and more.

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