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TikTok has released an improved app experience for tablets and foldables.

TikTok stated on Monday that it has released an upgrade to improve the app experience for viewers on tablets and foldable devices. According to the firm, the app is now better adapted for bigger displays, with a clear video feed, reduced navigation bars, and orientation support.

TikTok claims that with this new upgrade, viewers will get a streamlined video feed that “showcases content with enhanced clarity.” Users will also notice navigation bars along the top and bottom of the screen, making it easier to access the app’s features and tabs.

Furthermore, the app may now be used in either landscape or portrait mode. The news comes a year after TikTok started testing a horizontal full-screen option on mobile devices throughout the world. TikTok is expanding its reach into YouTube’s turf by introducing landscape mode on bigger screens, something it has previously done by enabling longer videos. TikTok has been providing long-form content for a long time, so it makes sense for the firm to improve the viewing experience for consumers who watch culinary demonstrations and beauty courses on their tablets. The corporation is probably hoping that the new mode will persuade consumers who generally watch YouTube on their tablets to watch TikTok instead.

“While most people already know and love TikTok on their mobile devices, we know many also like to access it on larger screens and foldable devices,” the business said in a blog post. “We’re excited to share that TikTok is now better optimized for tablets and foldable gadgets, whether they’re watching the latest cooking trends or searching for the latest soccer highlights.”

It’s worth mentioning that TikTok’s optimization for foldables and tablets comes at a time when Instagram, one of its biggest rivals, still doesn’t have an iPad app. TikTok is able to go beyond its mobile-first strategy by pushing out upgrades for app experiences on bigger screens at a time when the competition is still behind.

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