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Brave is introducing its AI assistant for the iPhone and iPad.

On Wednesday, Brave made the exciting announcement that iPhone and iPad users will now have access to its AI assistant, Leo. The AI assistant enables individuals to inquire, condense information, generate content, and perform additional tasks. The iOS rollout follows the introduction of the AI assistant on Android and desktop platforms.

Leo’s iOS launch introduces voice-to-text functionality, which is currently not available in the Android version of the AI assistant. Using this feature, individuals have the convenience of speaking their thoughts and having them automatically transcribed into text, eliminating the need for manual typing of queries or questions. According to Brave, this new feature enhances the user’s ability to engage with the AI.

Leo is capable of a wide range of tasks, including summarizing pages or videos, answering questions about content, generating long-form written reports, translating or rewriting pages, creating transcriptions of video or audio content, and writing code. With the inclusion of a built-in AI assistant, Brave aims to provide users with an alternative to ChatGPT and similar services.

Leo provides access to Mixtral 8x7B, Anthropic’s Claude Instant, and Meta’s Llama 2 13B. Brave has designated Mixtral 8x7B as the default LLM for Leo. However, users can choose different LLMs or opt for Leo Premium, which offers higher rate limits for a monthly fee of $14.99.

Opera also entered the AI assistant market with the launch of Aria last year. Opera developed the product in partnership with OpenAI, showcasing a chatbot-style interface that enables users to pose questions and receive prompt responses.

The latest version of Brave Leo for iOS, version 1.63, is now accessible to all iOS users. To access Leo, open your browser and begin typing in the address bar. From there, you can select “Ask Leo.” You can easily turn off Leo, an optional feature, in the app’s settings.

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