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eyeQ rethinks video call eye contact

Though necessary, video calls lack the naturalness of in-person talks, draining energy and interest. Online chat solutions like Plexicam and CenterCam set the camera in front of your screen to help you maintain eye contact. Others employ AI to modify the video stream to make you glance at the camera (creepy AF when done properly). eyeQ’s approach is different, and we examined CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

The simple but clever gadget connects to your laptop and uses a mirror to let you keep eye contact with your conversation partner while staring at your computer.

A gadget like this is needed more than ever. Stanford University found that video call weariness severely impacts workers. Lack of personal connection and difficulty keeping eye contact during video conferences are big contributors.

“In a video call, you must decide whether to look at the camera or your screen. To solve this, we created a teleprompter-like device with both parts. In an interview with Eltrys, eyeQ creator and CEO Gert Maass says it looks like an iPad Pro but can be foldable and installed on your laptop. You can look through this device’s clear mirror while a camera captures your picture underneath the half-mirror. It installs in seconds and connects via USB. This gadget works with laptops and desktops.

The gadget supports all major video platforms and will launch in June 2024. Three sizes suit any screen and contain an Ultra HD 4K camera, digital microphone, and recycled leather cover.

We specialize in online healthcare and consultation, where true eye contact is essential. Our approach seems more natural than AI-based solutions, adds Maass.

The idea is elegant, but installing the gadget on your laptop makes typing difficult. This isn’t a problem if you have an external keyboard, but it makes it less useful for road warriors and more for office workers.

Eltrys Team
Author: Eltrys Team

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