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For its Android users, Truecaller releases a web client.

The caller ID software Truecaller has released a web version that offers a variety of features to desktop users, such as call alerts, SMS and chat mirroring, and number search capabilities. The online version, known as Truecaller for online, will initially only be accessible to Android users worldwide, although the business does have plans to eventually expand support to iOS users as well.

Now, every user of Truecaller for Android on the planet may use a QR code to connect their smartphones to the web client on a PC or Mac. Truecaller now only allows one active web session and instantly terminates customers who do not use it for 30 days. Additionally, users may manually delink a browser from the settings. This is similar to connecting to a chat app like Telegram or WhatsApp on the web.

With around 259 million users, Truecaller’s largest market is India, although it launched the SMS and chat-mirroring features rather belatedly. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Phone Link feature allows SMS mirroring on Windows for users of both Android and iPhone. However, this feature could make it easier for users to obtain one-time passwords (OTPs) for login or to respond to texts quickly.

On its website, Truecaller currently provides customers with the option to check up on a phone number, but with some pricing limitations. According to the corporation, customers may now search for numbers on the web client without any restrictions of this kind. When a user gets a call, the web client also shows real-time caller ID alerts.

The corporation reports that it sends out 80 million SMS pop-up summary alerts to users daily. This indicates that these individuals have not prohibited Truecaller from reading their SMS messages. However, it’s unclear whether these people use Truecaller as their main SMS provider.

Truecaller has concentrated on adding additional AI-powered features over the last several months. For Android users, it released a “Max” feature update last month that blocked all calls from unapproved contacts or spam that AI had identified. After introducing the service in the US last year, the business also introduced call recording and AI-powered transcription to India in February.

Following a quarter of reduced sales, the company’s shares fell 32% in October 2023. Nonetheless, the company has rebounded from its low point of SEK24.47 ($2.32) and is now trading at around SEK31.68 ($3).

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