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Poe presents an AI bot makers’ price-per-message revenue plan.

Poe, Quora’s AI chatbot platform, now presents a fresh opportunity for bot creators to generate income. Recently, the company unveiled a new revenue model that empowers creators to establish a price for each message sent to their bots, enabling them to generate income from user interactions. The company introduced a revenue-sharing program in October 2023, which enables bot creators to receive a portion of the earnings when their users subscribe to Poe’s premium product.

Introduced by Quora in February 2023, Poe allows users to experience a range of AI chatbots, including those developed by OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and other companies. The concept aims to provide users with a convenient platform to explore various AI technologies, all in one location. Additionally, it presents Quora with the opportunity to acquire fresh content.

The company’s revenue models provide a fresh approach to the creator economy by incentivizing AI enthusiasts who create “prompt bots,” as well as developer-built server bots that seamlessly integrate with Poe’s AI.

In the previous autumn, Quora made an exciting announcement regarding its revenue-sharing program with bot creators. Additionally, they mentioned their plans to allow creators to establish a per-message fee for their bots in the near future. Despite the considerable delay of almost 5 months since the announcement, the latter is finally going live.

On Monday, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo clarified that Poe users will be able to view message points for each bot, which include the same points they have as either a free user or Poe subscriber. However, he mentioned that creators will receive payment in dollars.

“This pricing mechanism holds significant value for developers who incur substantial model inference or API costs,” D’Angelo highlighted in a post on X. “Our objective is to support a flourishing community of model developers and bot creators who leverage models, and ensuring the sustainability of these operations is a crucial aspect,” he emphasized.

According to D’Angelo, the implementation of the new revenue model has the potential to drive the creation of various types of bots. These bots could be utilized in a wide range of fields, such as tutoring, knowledge sharing, virtual assistants, data analysis, storytelling, and image generation.

Currently, the offering is exclusive to bot creators in the United States, with plans to expand its availability worldwide in the future. It is part of the creator monetization program, which offers up to $20 per user who subscribes to Poe through a creator’s bots.

In addition to the per-message revenue model, Poe has introduced an advanced analytics dashboard that showcases the average earnings of creators’ bots across paywalls, subscriptions, and messages. Creators will gain a deeper understanding of how their pricing impacts bot usage and revenue with its constantly updated insights.

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