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Introducing new “Buzzing Playlists,” SoundCloud challenges Spotify’s Discover Weekly offering.

Under the name “Buzzing Playlists,” SoundCloud has introduced a new collection of playlists that are intended to spotlight music that is on the verge of becoming popular among artists.

Image Credits: SoundCloud

Playlists are available for a variety of musical genres, including pop, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music. SoundCloud’s Next Pro premium membership service features recordings from artists who contribute to these playlists. SoundCloud has stated that it considers signals like repeat plays, playlist additions, likes, comments, and reposts when adding music to Buzzing Playlists, which undergo weekly updates.

The corporation introduced the First Fans service in the previous year. By recommending new songs to users in autoplay mode, it helps musicians reach their first hundred listeners with a new release. According to the firm, it used machine learning to match people’s musical preferences to a song’s profile. The company asserts that it recommends the most popular songs from this trial to 1,000 customers.

Following the publication of First Fans in June 2023, the firm stated that it had conducted an analysis of more than 3.5 million songs. According to reports, this feature has directly led to a 400% increase in listeners for Next Pro artists.

According to the business, depending on how well they perform, songs included in Buzzing Playlist may gain more recognition in SoundCloud charts or editorial playlists.

Buzzing Playlists is akin to Spotify‘s Discover Weekly playlists, with the exception that Spotify’s playlists recommend music that you may not have heard before based on your listening history. Buzzing Playlists is similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists.

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