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LinkedIn introduces new job search options to help identify relevant jobs.

LinkedIn said Wednesday that it is launching new tools to help individuals locate suitable jobs. The new “job collections” will let consumers explore related opportunities in unknown industries and firms to widen their work alternatives. The platform is also adding a “Preferences” tab to make selecting and managing settings easier.

LinkedIn said in a blog post that job applications are up 16% per person per position and competition is rising. The new job collections on the site seek to help users locate suitable jobs. Visit LinkedIn’s Jobs page to start job collections. Then find “Explore with Job Collections.” Click on any collection that matches your interests. Consider employment with remote work or generous parental leave.

Industry-specific collections include food & beverage, healthcare, journalism, pro sports, and more. If you’ve always worked for major firms but want to try something different, consider startups and small enterprises.

LinkedIn claims the new preferences page lets users manage their choices in one spot to improve their job match odds. Mobile and desktop users may find the new preferences page at the top of the Jobs tab and on the left rail. LinkedIn will highlight your choices in green on job information pages, so you can immediately assess if they meet your standards.

Employment type (full-time, part-time, contract) and location (remote, hybrid, on-site) can be selected. US residents can specify a minimum pay choice. LinkedIn will introduce additional page preferences.

LinkedIn is also adding an “I’m Interested” option that lets you discreetly indicate interest in working for a firm without applying. You can apply even if the firm has no openings. After expressing interest, corporate recruiters may review your profile. LinkedIn suggests displaying interest in your top 10–20 firms.

LinkedIn is launching an AI-powered LinkedIn Premium experience to help users rapidly analyze job openings for fit. The tool may also help users learn about the company and industry and position themselves for employment.

LinkedIn is releasing these tools amid a tech layoff tsunami. Google laid off around 1,000 employees last week from its Google Assistant and Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit hardware teams. Last week, Audible laid off 5%, Discord 17%, and Amazon “several hundreds” of Prime Video and MGM Studios employees.

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