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Opera will debut iOS AI browser in Europe after Apple DMA changes.

Opera said today that it will introduce an AI-powered iOS browser on its own engine in Europe. The Norwegian corporation revealed the shift after Apple indicated it would enable alternative browser engines on iOS according to the European Digital Markets Act. The modifications will let developers provide non-WebKit browsers.

Apple requires third-party browsers to utilize WebKit, the Safari browser engine. Apple will let developers submit non-WebKit-based browsers for online browser applications and in-app browsers to comply with the DMA.

Opera claims the modifications will provide an AI-powered Safari alternative for iPhone users.

“As a leading European browser developer, we support DMA changes to promote competition and expand iOS browser options,” stated Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera. We plan to provide an AI-focused Opera One for iOS. We are also pleased to see that Apple will add a browser option screen to iOS, making it easier for people to set their preferred browser as the default on mobile devices.

Arnesen said Opera is “very excited about the new interoperability request form Apple announced that will allow developers to submit additional requests for interoperability with iPhone and iOS hardware and software features.”

The DMA begins in March, when the new browser is expected. Although the improvements are only being implemented in the EU, Opera stated in a news statement that it “strongly encourages Apple to implement these augmented freedoms for iOS users around the globe.”

Opera claimed it would soon announce a “major investment” in an important European AI infrastructure project but did not reveal the browser.

Opera launched its “Aria” browser AI last year and updated its main desktop browser, Opera One, which will be the new iOS browser. Opera said the new browser will be ready for a “generative AI-based future.”

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