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The Android AI assistant from Opera can now summarise webpages.

On Android, the in-browser artificial intelligence tool known as Aria from Opera is now able to summarize text-based web pages. Artificial intelligence powers the web page summarizing tool, which swiftly reduces lengthy research papers, blog posts, or news pieces into a concise summary that typically fits on a single screen.

Introduced on Monday, the new tool has the potential to aid users in quickly understanding a subject and pinpointing the relevant details. You may use it by going to any text-based website, tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the Opera Android browser, and then selecting the “Summarize” option that is located next to the Aria symbol. After that, a conversation with Aria will appear with the summary that you have requested.

If you want to use the functionality, you will need to upgrade to the most recent version of Opera for Android and either sign up for a new Opera account or log in to an existing one.

The previous year saw the release of Aria, which functions similarly to other artificial intelligence search buddies. As an alternative to exploring the internet for information, the assistant offers a user interface similar to that of a chatbot and provides responses to inquiries.

Opera has been enhancing Aria and expanding its capabilities since its initial release through a program known as the AI Feature Drops Program. This program gives users the opportunity to get early access to new AI capabilities. Opera most recently modified Aria to enable picture production using Imagen2 on Google’s platform. In addition, it is able to read out loud text responses.

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