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The Copilot Chat feature in GitHub’s mobile app is now widely accessible.

GitHub has made an exciting announcement: Copilot Chat, their AI chat interface for coding questions and code generation, is now available in their mobile app. The Microsoft-owned developer platform first announced this feature in November of last year.

Initially, utilising GitHub’s Copilot Chat on a mobile app may not seem like the most apparent choice. After all, that’s not how developers typically do their work. GitHub believes that Copilot Chat on mobile has numerous use cases that justify its effort.

According to GitHub’s newly appointed SVP of Product, Mario Rodriguez, the mobile app has gained significant popularity for its ability to perform tasks such as starring repositories and utilizing some of GitHub’s social features. Launched in late 2019, developers are also using the app to efficiently review small pull requests while on the move. Developers are also using Copilot Chat, a mobile beta launch a few months ago, to ask further questions about those pull requests.

Image Credits: GitHub

General coding questions are also a commonly encountered scenario. It’s a common scenario: You’re out and about, possibly with friends, when someone poses a question to you. According to Rodriguez, when faced with a question about the details, he would quickly look it up and consult Copilot for an answer.

Some developers are also utilising the mobile chat feature to inquire about specific repositories while they are on the move.

When I inquired about the team’s approach to mobile design, Rodriguez explained that mobile design typically focuses on efficient task completion. When considering the way we have designed our mobile interfaces, the focus is on efficiency and completing tasks quickly. This is especially important for users who are on the go and have limited time to spare. You could be enjoying a cup of coffee just five minutes before the children awaken and descend the stairs. So you’re looking to accomplish something in a fast and efficient manner.

Image Credits: GitHub

We have moved the Copilot icon to a more prominent position in the mobile app to facilitate this. According to Rodriguez, starting a conversation with Copilot and getting the answer you need is as easy as opening the mobile app and clicking on the Copilot icon. “Our focus is on delivering rapid solutions to users through innovative mobile device features.”

However, he also mentioned that the company has a broader future vision, similar to GitHub’s workspace. GitHub describes it as a “copilot-native developer environment” that enables developers to plan, build, and test code using natural language.

“Our goal for the future of Copilot is to go beyond simply assisting with tasks and instead empower users to effortlessly create programmes using their natural language,” Rodriguez explained. According to him, this has the potential to empower individuals without developer training to create efficient tools that streamline their work processes.

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