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Google’s Pixel Tablet is now accessible without the intriguing feature.

During our review of the Pixel Tablet, which took place around this time last year, we made the observation that “it’s all about the dock.” For all intents and purposes, it was the one element that genuinely differentiated the gadget from the myriad other Android tablets that lacked inspiration. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you, the customer, have the option to buy the item without the component that was responsible for its overall quality and interest.

Of course, having more purchasing alternatives is always a good thing, but the charging speaker dock is by far the most exciting component of the system. When you are not using the device in tablet mode, it transforms into a large smart display.

Take into consideration that it is a larger and more flexible version of the Nest Hub Max, which is a gadget that we have not heard about in a couple of years.

Just a side note: what the heck is going on with the Nest Hub line anyway? To put it another way, what about Google Assistant? In the near future, will Gemini completely replace Assistant? Will these and other questions receive answers at Google I/O next week?

Google launched the Pixel 8a, a low-cost smartphone, concurrently with the announcement. Additionally, it plummeted a few hours after Apple launched new models of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, which is a coincidence.

Additionally, the Pixel Slate is now available for purchase for the very first time in Italy and Spain.

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