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The new WhatsApp version improves navigation and includes a ‘darker dark mode’

On Thursday, WhatsApp made the announcement that it would be revamping its mobile applications to give them a newer and more streamlined appearance. Additionally, the company will now include a new “darker dark mode.” According to the messaging app, the company has mostly concentrated on enhancing the app’s functionality during its existence. Even if the product is still expanding, the app’s design needs to be further developed.

The messaging app has introduced a new color palette after considering more than 35 distinct color options. WhatsApp prioritized the use of darker tones in low-light conditions to alleviate eye strain. We have made the application’s dark mode, a popular choice for many users, one shade darker to simplify message reading.

Image Credits: WhatsApp

On Android, WhatsApp is going to integrate a native bottom navigation bar, which will make it simpler for users to locate the information they are searching for in a more expedient manner. Now that the new navigation bar has been accessible on iOS for a considerable amount of time, you are able to instantly see your calls, chats, updates, and communities. 

With the introduction of a new attachment style, WhatsApp is making it simpler for iOS users to send messages that include photographs and videos. Instead of a menu that takes up the whole screen, users will now see an expanded tray that gives them a better view of the choices available to them when transmitting media, polls, documents, and other types of content.

WhatsApp is also updating its icons to feature a rounded and outlined appearance. The app will also update the default backdrop in conversations.

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