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Uber Eats’ new live location-sharing tool helps couriers deliver meals to remote areas.

Uber Eats is introducing a new feature that allows couriers to share their live location with customers, making it easier to find each other in challenging areas like campus courtyards, parks, and playgrounds.

Commencing today, the new feature will be available in all markets except Quebec. Uber Eats operates in over 11,000 cities spanning six continents.

Users who place a “meet outside” or “meet at door” order on Uber Eats will receive a notification that their location is being shared with the courier. This feature activates when the courier is three minutes away and the customer is within 100 meters of the drop-off site. Uber Eats no longer shares the location after the order has been delivered. Users have the option to disable the feature manually whenever they choose.

The company anticipates that its new live location-sharing feature will address a significant issue that numerous couriers encounter, particularly during the warmer seasons when individuals are enjoying the outdoors more and ordering food for various occasions. In June 2023, Domino’s rolled out Pinpoint Delivery, enabling customers to drop a pin on the map for pizza delivery to almost any location.

“We are excited to introduce location sharing to Uber Eats and assist customers in enhancing the reliability of each delivery they receive,” stated Divya Dalapathi, the product management director at Uber. Recognizing the success of implementing the feature on Uber rides, we were confident that extending it to Uber Eats would revolutionize the experience for customers ordering from complex locations such as office buildings, parks, and large apartment complexes.

Uber introduced the live location-sharing feature in its rider app back in 2017.

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