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Uber has a fresh approach to the concert traffic issue.

Uber is adapting a shuttle product it created for commuters in Egypt and India for use in the United States.

The massive ride-hail and delivery company said Wednesday at its annual Go-Get event in New York City that it would start offering shuttle services in a few American cities this summer. In due course, the service will also handle airport pickups and drop-offs, in addition to concerts and sporting events.

Uber Shuttle in the United States will use the same technology and business plan that Uber developed to assist commuters in developing nations with a lack of public transit. Instead of using ordinary gig workers to operate the shuttles, Uber will collaborate with current local fleet operators who hire drivers with commercial licenses to operate vans and buses with seats ranging from 14 to 55.

Anthony Le Roux, general manager of Uber Shuttle, told Eltrys, “If you look at what we do in India and Egypt, we think, ‘Where do we want to set up our own routes based on an anticipated demand we observe around the city?” “We construct a network, collaborate with fleet operators in those markets to place buses along those routes, and oversee the entire system.”

Le Roux argues that Americans are accustomed to driving their own cars, and the country’s public transport system renders such shuttle services less reasonable. It seems logical, therefore, to focus on the situations when individuals are less likely to drive their own automobiles. For example, they may need a reasonably priced route to the airport or wish to enjoy a few drinks at the ball game.

Finding out precisely where to pick people up and when will be the toughest problem, according to Le Roux. That’s where, he added, Uber’s enormous data warehouses will help engineers understand how people are really moving from stadiums, amphitheatres, and airports.

What will the Uber Shuttle do?
Under a deal with entertainment firm Live Nation, Uber will provide event shuttles this summer. Under that arrangement, concertgoers in Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Chicago will have access to Uber Shuttle at certain Live Nation amphitheatres. Uber said it would also collaborate to provide shuttle services at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, which hosts the Miami Dolphins, Formula One, the Miami Grand Prix, and other events. 

An Uber representative made a promise but did not specify the exact time.

For “a fraction of the price” of an UberX, a company spokesman told Eltrys, Uber Shuttle would allow passengers to book a seat for themselves or up to five others on a shuttle that travels to and from an airport, a concert, or a game. Uber assures that surge pricing—the dynamic pricing mechanism that drives up ride-hail charges during periods of strong demand—will not affect shuttle prices.

Seven days to five minutes before their shuttle is due to leave, riders may reserve their seats. About twenty-five minutes before their departure, they will get an email informing them of the planned pickup spot. Riders will show the driver their QR code ticket when the shuttle arrives in order to board. The remainder of the journey proceeds much like an Uber ride, with the option to tip and rate the driver on the app after the ride. 

Uber also unveiled many other ride-hail and delivery services during the Go-Get event, including the capacity to schedule shared trips and have goods delivered from Costco, a bulk-buy retailer. Though from where we’re sitting, it seems like Go-Get’s theme this year is really cost reductions; the corporation said it was “togetherness.” Every product launched on Wednesday, such as a $4.99 monthly or $48 annual student Uber One membership, appears to offer consumers more affordable delivery and travel options.

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