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Zuckerberg prefers Quest 3 over Vision Pro.

Zuckerberg tested Apple’s Vision Pro headset and preferred the Meta Quest 3. Stunning, right?

The Meta CEO claimed before using the headset on Instagram that he felt the Quest 3 would be better value than Apple’s $3,500 headset since it’s seven times cheaper. But after using Vision Pro, he feels his company’s product is better.

I suppose Quest is more than simply cheaper. I believe Quest is the best product, period. Different headset companies made different design choices; therefore, they have varying strengths. Quest is superior for most mixed reality applications.”

Zuckerberg said that Meta’s headgear, which weighs 120 grams less than the Vision Pro, makes Quest 3 more comfortable for gaming and exercise. Apple’s headgear sacrificed quality, comfort, and ergonomics for higher-resolution displays, according to Meta’s CEO.

He showed browser window passthrough and stated that Quest 3 has a broader field of vision and brighter displays. Zuckerberg said Quest’s hand tracking and tactile controls are better. The Quest Pro featured eye tracking, which the firm may extend to lower headsets.

Zuckerberg said Quest is the only way to play Xbox and view YouTube on a huge screen. Juno, developed by Christian Selig, is YouTube’s Vision Pro software. YouTube is technically available on Apple devices.

Apple just launched the Vision Pro, but Meta has a large library with Roblox. Meta has also made several headsets and discounted earlier versions. Apple entered the mixed reality/virtual reality business late, and Meta wouldn’t want to lose position.

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