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A battery-saving call interface was included to Telegram’s newest release.

Telegram is updated with better calls and a battery-saving design. New animations, bot platform improvements, and more are in the update.

The firm claims to have revamped calls and included dynamic backdrops for ringing, active, and concluded calls. The new interface uses fewer resources, saving battery life and improving older devices. The call quality improves with the upgrade. Telegram promises greater connection and voice quality improvements in 2024.

Telegram’s bot platform, which enables developers to integrate services, is also getting improvements. Bots may respond to messages, handle responses, quotations, and links, and reply to other conversations and subjects. Bots can also learn about freebies and boosts in admin channels.

Telegram is also launching its vaporization animation on iOS and Android after testing it with limited users. The new effect plays when you delete a message to make the app enjoyable.

The new capabilities come a month after Telegram revealed channel upgrades, reaction emoji customization, and story data to compete with WhatsApp, which released broadcast channels to all users in September 2023. Telegram has had channels for a while, but it must innovate to compete with WhatsApp.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on his WhatsApp broadcast channel that the channel’s feature reached 500 million monthly active users. WhatsApp and Telegram have about 2 billion and 800 million monthly active users, respectively.

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