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After a three-year ‘reflective pause’, OnePlus increased its smartwatch battery.

It’s 2024. Stop. All smartwatches should last for many days. The gadgets now have an astounding range. Limited battery life has been and remains the major Apple Watch concern. The Series 9 lasts 18 hours in regular mode and 36 in low power.

OnePlus’ Watch 2 claims an unprecedented 100 hours “in full Smart Mode.” Naturally, this assertion should be taken with a grain of salt until the wearable’s formal launch next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I would add that interested parties should wait for the initial evaluations.

A blog post said that the firm took a “three-year hiatus and a reflective pause following the OnePlus Watch 1.”

OnePlus should focus on battery. The first-gen product’s 3,402mAh battery guarantees two weeks or 25 hours without GPS. Even then, a watch’s main feature disappointed. To stand out among Wear OS devices, one must go the additional mile, particularly now that Google and Samsung are developing devices.

Even after being late to the market, OnePlus impressed. That was OnePlus’ early smartphone motif, and the OnePlus Open confirmed it. Many reviews were astonished that I enjoyed the product so much. This isn’t about OnePlus, but about consumer electronics.

OnePlus claims it “went back to the drawing board, driven by community feedback, to ensure the OnePlus Watch 2 delivers an exceptional user experience” at the beginning. When OnePlus debuted, community input was key. A direct connection is hard to maintain as firms develop. Oppo also purchased the smartphone company.

User interactions reveal that smartwatch battery life is crucial. They are meant to be worn day and night. Charging space is limited. Wearing a gadget for many days without worrying about such things improves the experience. Without charging it every other night, it shows your fitness and sleep habits better.

In consumer electronics, three years is two lifespans. Smartwatches didn’t change much with the Watch 1. Perhaps focusing on battery life will help it in round two. In a market where a few well-known companies and affordable gadgets dominate, I’m not optimistic. Any move to concentrate on battery life is likely to benefit the category.

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