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ChefPaw makes nutritious home cooking for your fluffy companion simple.

The ChefPaw machine makes handmade dog chow. The gadget uses fresh materials to make dog food that meets specific canine dietary demands and saves a lot of money. Fresh food for your pet is costly; therefore, ChefPaw wants to make it easy to create.

ChefPaw combines and cooks fresh ingredients at reduced heat for 40 minutes. The company says this procedure retains more nutrients than standard cooking. The gadget can coarsely cut dog food or combine it for canines who have trouble eating after surgery.

“Considering its cost-effectiveness, the appliance pays for itself in less than three months, even for small dogs. Beyond money, the actual value is nourishment. This gadget improves dog nutrition quickly. I utilized it to treat my Bulldog’s skin allergies, which I’ve had for five years,” says ChefPaw founder Matt Terrill at CES 2024. The option to tweak recipes individually helped me uncover and manage my dog’s food sensitivities. Commercial dog meals cannot be modified to replace chicken with venison.

ChefPaw touts its nutrition analyzer. This capability lets users analyze components and exchange pricey ones for cheaper ones without losing nutritional quality. ChefPaw has an app with recipes, including veterinarian-created ones. The software uses USDA nutritional data and can keep profiles for several dogs to customize meals. The app also has a community element for sharing recipes, suggestions, and tools to identify dishes without allergies or things your dog doesn’t like.

The $640 ChefPaw is available online from the manufacturer.

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