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eBay signs a business deal with Collectors to sell playing cards and buys Goldin

eBay has recently made three important commercial transactions with Collectors, the parent company of PSA, a well-known authentication and grading provider in the collectibles industry. This shows eBay’s commitment to the trading card space and its dedication to providing top-quality services to collectors.

The transactions involve a trading card commercial agreement that aims to offer trading enthusiasts a smooth and efficient buying, selling, grading, and storage experience. As part of the collaboration, eBay and PSA aim to introduce a product experience that prioritizes the needs of customers in the upcoming months. In addition, PSA is introducing a new service that allows customers to quickly list their graded trading cards on eBay, expediting the selling process.

In a significant move, eBay has acquired Collectors’ Auction House Goldin, which will greatly benefit collectors. The sale allows eBay to broaden the selection of products available to buyers while also providing Goldin sellers with a larger customer base.

eBay is now offering the eBay vault to collectors, combining the existing vault services into a new and improved offering. Introduced in 2022, the eBay vault provides collectors with a secure and temperature-controlled storage solution for trading cards valued at over $750.

The agreements’ financial details remained confidential. We anticipate completing all three transactions simultaneously in the second quarter of 2024.

“The deals announced today advance our mission of revolutionizing the future of e-commerce for enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to collaborate with PSA to provide a streamlined, customized experience for dedicated collectors,” stated eBay CEO Jamie Iannone. “PSA is a top player in the trading cards and collectibles industry, known for its exceptional capabilities. We are confident that our combined expertise will encourage more people to engage in selling, shopping, and collecting with a sense of assurance.”

Wednesday’s announcement arrives four months after eBay formed a partnership with COMC, a sports trading card company, enabling eBay customers to effortlessly convert their inventory into digital format.

The previous year, the company made a significant acquisition by purchasing the collectibles platform TCGplayer for a substantial amount of $295 million.

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