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Email is integrated into Amie’s calendar software.

Some individuals love Microsoft Outlook for a reason. The software combines emails, calendar events, and contacts. But… it’s Outlook. Some hate its complicated UI.

Amie, one of the most inventive calendar applications in the new wave, is incorporating emails so users don’t have to move between their calendar and email client to book a meeting or check their schedule.

The app’s 1.0 version includes this new capability after two years of private testing. Users may now register and download the app without an invitation. Amie founder and CEO Dennis Müller told me the firm dropped its waitlist once Notion Calendar launched last week.

I anticipated their launch to hurt us. It was great. Müller emailed me. Notion bought Cron, another calendar company, for its second app.

“I highly respect Cron. Of all the new calendars, they were the greatest. Müller claimed he concentrated on the essentials. But the Notion Calendar hasn’t altered much since Cron’s takeover.

It now integrates with Notion’s main app and service, allowing users to generate and attach Notion documents to events for meeting notes. A Notion database with dates and deadlines may be seen as a calendar in Notion Calendar.

Innovation for the calendar app
Notion Calendar proved that there are alternative calendar programs to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Like task management software, everyone wants various things. Multiple calendar and task management apps are possible.

We return to Amie. Everything I stated about the app over two years ago is still accurate. It’s a well-designed product with excellent interaction model choices and animations.

Amie is Google-compatible calendar software. The firm imports and shows Google Calendar events in a typical calendar layout after signing up.

Amie has calendar opinions, too. Many individuals fabricate fake events. They remind them of weekly tasks.

So Amie lets you organize your to-do list. Create tasks in the left column without thinking. It’s like adding a bullet point to a list without considering the deadline.

After that, drag this job from the left-hand side into your weekly view to set a date and time. It will display on your calendar alongside other events.

Amie integrates with Notion, Linear, Things, Todoist, and Ticktick, so you can import or sync your tasks from other apps.

Amie is great alone, but you can utilize it much better with coworkers. Amie helps you easily check when a coworker is available by hovering over their profile image in the sidebar. Amie enables multiple accounts, making it helpful for viewing personal and professional calendars in one app.

Users can also share their availability using Calendly-like links. Copy and paste the app’s URL into an email. Amie now syncs your email inbox to your calendar, so you can send emails in the app.

Amie’s email integration is rudimentary, but it works for writing emails and checking discussions. “ Apple CarPlay served as an inspiration for us. Müller stated he wanted productivity to be like there, when everything is on one screen.

The left column houses the email inbox. Another real-time to-do list updates as emails come. Click on an email to read and reply in Amie.

Excellent split-screen functionality lets you browse email and calendars on mobile. Drag and drop the middle divider to show more of your inbox or calendar.

More crucially, since many individuals view emails as tasks, you may drag your email into the calendar to plan a reply or action.

Amie also exploits your calendar app. When you compose an email and say, “Let’s meet tomorrow at 4 p.m.,” a preview card of your calendar appears. to check for conflict. Highlight the content in an email to create an Amie task.

These are Amie’s initial email features. Since Amie can view your schedule and inbox, I can’t wait to add clever features.

With this introduction, Amie adds a premium plan. I’ll keep everything in this post free except the new email function. Only Amie Pro users who pay $15 or €12 per month may do it.

Premium customers may utilize AI to discover time for their to-dos, another major new feature.

In addition to Notion Calendar, numerous firms are reinventing the calendar. Apple users have Rise, Routine, Daybridge, Motion, Akiflow, and Fantastical.

Amie employs 14 people and has raised $8 million. The goal is to become “a one-in-a-million product,” as Müller said, in 2024.

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