LinkedIn experimenting AI-assisted content generation on Premium Company Pages.

In an effort to increase its revenue streams, LinkedIn has recently started testing a new service for small and medium-sized businesses. Eltrys has discovered and verified that there is a new subscription option for LinkedIn Premium Company Pages in the works. This subscription, which may come with a price tag of $99/month, will offer AI-powered content writing and tools to increase follower counts. These features aim to enhance the visibility and reputation of companies that utilize them.

The move is noteworthy because it highlights Microsoft-owned LinkedIn’s ongoing efforts to diversify its business model and enhance its overall usefulness. LinkedIn has often been the subject of jokes regarding its reputation for shameless self-promotion and the potential creepiness of its data collection capabilities.

However, as others have mentioned, LinkedIn currently has a great opportunity. Amidst the numerous changes happening on various social platforms and search engines, LinkedIn has been striving to create a secure and reliable space. It aims to provide professionals and consumers with a platform where they can have a trustworthy social profile.

LinkedIn recently began sharing details about its new Premium Company Page, which is great news for users. We happened to come across the posts ourselves, and it appears that a marketing consultant also noticed them, although they didn’t receive much attention. LinkedIn has now officially confirmed the details with Eltrys.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our customers’ experiences and help them reach their business objectives. We are currently testing a new offering, the Premium Company Page, with small-to-medium business customers. The purpose of this service is to help small-to-medium businesses attract customers, establish credibility, and stand out to their audience. “We are excited to share more soon,” stated Suzi Owens, senior director of communications at LinkedIn.

Administrators of eligible pages appear to be able to view the pricing for premium company pages. Our marketing consultant is happy to inform you that our fees for a monthly subscription start at $99.99 per page. If you opt for an annual subscription, the cost reduces to $839.88 per page.

This new company page is a great addition to LinkedIn’s lineup of offerings for organizations. It aligns with the various usage and pricing tiers available to individuals and recruiters on the platform.

Additional tiers cater to different business needs, such as Premium Career for those seeking employment, Premium Business for accessing business intelligence, Sales Navigator for sales teams, Recruiter tiers for talent sourcing and hiring, and LinkedIn Learning for professional development.

Collectively, premium services are a significant source of revenue for the company. In March, the company happily shared the news that premium user subscriptions experienced a significant 25% year-on-year growth, reaching an impressive $1.7 billion in 2023. In total, the company generated $15 billion in revenue for the year, with its recruiting business contributing $7 billion to that amount.

The Premium Company Page subscription has a sense of familiarity because it utilizes popular LinkedIn mechanics.

Admins for the pages can review recent visitors as long as they haven’t disabled their privacy settings. (As a friendly reminder, the default setting is on.) You can use this to invite visitors to follow the page, irrespective of their connection level. Previously, casual visitors who were not already affiliated with the company could not benefit from this feature. Admins have the option to create “call to action” buttons that prominently display contact or website details at the top of the page. LinkedIn actively promotes testimonials as a feature on profile pages. Admins have the ability to prominently display these testimonials at the top of their premium pages.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is now integrating AI writing to provide more AI assistance on the platform. Microsoft introduced this addition last year, leveraging its partnership with OpenAI.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that LinkedIn has been placing a strong emphasis on verification. A page has the opportunity to obtain a prestigious golden badge by subscribing to a premium plan.

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