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The ‘My AI’ chatbot on Snapchat may now create countdowns and reminders within the app.

Snapchat said on Wednesday that it would be enabling users to create in-app reminders with the assistance of its My AI chatbot. The social network is rolling out features such as editable conversations, personalized Bitmoji appearances driven by AI, map reactions, emoji responses, and more.

Snapchat predicts that with the new AI reminder function, people will set countdowns and reminders using its app rather than the built-in clock app on their smartphone. You can ask the My AI chatbot in the app to create a reminder for a specific chore or occasion directly in the chat window or during a conversation with a friend.

The function allows users to count down to an impending date night or set a reminder to complete an assignment. Furthermore, it places Snapchat in the domain of productivity apps, which could encourage more use.

Users will soon have the ability to edit their chats up to five minutes after sending them. The functionality would first be accessible to Snapchat+ members and then, at some point in the future, to all users, according to the firm.

Moreover, generative AI will soon let users create their own digital clothing for their Bitmoji.

To design a sweater pattern for your Bitmoji, for example, type out a suggestion like “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower.” After that, the software will create a design that you may further alter by enlarging or contracting. You may store a look for later use or apply it to your Bitmoji if you’re satisfied with it.

Another change allows users who have chosen to share their location with friends to respond to their map locations instantly. On your morning drive, for example, you may wave to your buddy if you pass them. Or you might give your buddy a heart if you see that they have arrived home safely after hanging out.

Snapchat is also introducing emoji responses to conversations. While users could previously reply to messages with their Bitmoji to swiftly end a discussion, they can now do so with an emoji. Snapchat could also provide emoji replies, since they have gained popularity on many other platforms like Instagram and Messenger.

Snap said a few days ago that it had 422 million daily active users in Q1 2024, up 39 million, or 10%, year over year. The firm also said that its Snapchat+ user base increased by more than threefold year over year, to over nine million.

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