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Reddit is streamlining its mobile app chat navigation.

Reddit is rolling out several new changes for its iOS and Android applications. These upgrades were designed by Reddit to simplify user identification and participation in ongoing network discussions. On Wednesday, the firm made the announcement that it would be unveiling a new unified media player, in addition to rapid comment loading and a direct shortcut to discussions. Reddit’s popularity stems from its ability to foster discussions on a diverse range of topics, so it’s logical for the site to prioritize conversation in the development of its mobile applications.

Image Credits: Reddit

The firm is introducing a single media player to enhance the seamless flow among various types of posts on Reddit. Users will be able to swipe around the player to see comments and fresh material. Users can access the new media player by simply clicking on a picture or video before it loads. Reddit believes that discussions cannot flow well if the means by which to access them vary depending on the kind of post, so the platform is developing a conversation navigation system that is standard across all sorts of posts.

Image Credits: Reddit

Every time a user clicks on the comments button on a post in the feed, they will now instantly reach the top of the comments list. Previously, visitors had to scroll through the post page in order to access the comments section. Reddit also created a permanent context bar at the top of the page. This bar gives users the ability to return to the post or delve deeper into the material with just a single touch.

Image Credits: Reddit

Reddit’s Chief Product Officer, Pali Bhat, told Eltrys that the company’s product plan includes faster loading speeds, additional tools for moderators and developers, and an artificial intelligence-driven language translation capability. One week after Bhat made this statement, the improvements debut.

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