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Spotify slinks lyrics behind a paywall in secret.

Lyrics are now behind a paywall on Spotify, which seems to be a novel approach to getting its free customers to upgrade to a paying membership. The corporation is subtly admitting the move, but without making a public announcement, in response to many stories citing irate Reddit user remarks. Instead, the firm informed Eltrys that Spotify’s functionality may change over time, in different countries, and on different devices. The answer suggests that while the lyrics modification may not be a test, Spotify isn’t yet ready to formally notify the affected areas.

Spotify was moving in this direction, however, according to a few signs. Last autumn, the firm locked down lyrics for non-paying customers. “Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium” appeared as a notice to free users attempting to utilize the function.

Still, a Spotify representative made it clear at the time that the modifications were “only a test” involving a small number of subscribers in a “pair of markets.” Although Spotify is no longer referring to the modifications as a test, it’s not apparent why it wouldn’t include lyrics access as a premium feature elsewhere on its website, such as on the page where customers may upgrade plans or in its support manual. That could be because the firm is still testing the monthly restriction on lyrics for free accounts; free users report receiving notifications informing them that each time they touch “Show lyrics,” it counts against the new limit.

Although Spotify didn’t go into great detail about why it’s now paywalling lyrics, it’s obvious that the move is an attempt to drive more users to its premium service. In its most recent quarter, the corporation exceeded projections, with over 600 million monthly active users and a 15% year-over-year increase in paying subscriptions, reaching 236 million+. But quarterly sales came in at 3.67 billion ($3.94 billion) instead of the 3.72 billion euros that analysts had projected.

We will have to see if removing lyrics would encourage more people to subscribe. Lyrics are easily accessible and free, both online and in other Spotify-compatible applications such as Genius, Apple’s Shazam, and Musixmatch.

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