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Ford starts using Tesla superchargers.

Ford EV owners now have access to more than 15,000 Tesla superchargers in the U.S. and Canada, nine months after the two manufacturers inked a cooperation that would impact the industry.

New and current Ford EV owners may order a free adaptor to use Tesla’s fast charging stalls at by June 30, 2024, if they are enrolled in Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network. Future Ford EV owners may purchase the adaptor for $230.

Every US manufacturer and EV charging firm adopted the Combined Charging System less than a year ago. Tesla was unique with its proprietary plugs and connections and hundreds of “Superchargers” throughout interstates, roads, and other important arteries. All Tesla cars have AC and 1 MW DC charging connectors. Its small size and performance outperform Combined Charging System connections.

In November 2022, Tesla urged manufacturers to embrace its charging standard, which at first seemed unlikely to win over competitors. Tesla invited network providers and manufacturers to adopt its EV charging connection design and make it the North American standard. Tesla termed it the North American Charging Standard (NACS) and said it was the most popular in North America based on car sales and supercharging station chargers.

Ford announced a pact six months later to allow Ford EV owners to buy Tesla Superchargers. This arrangement extended beyond adapter access to Tesla superchargers. Ford will add Tesla’s charging outlet to its next-generation EVs in 2025. An electric truck and three-row SUV are Ford’s second-generation EVs.

GM followed Ford in adopting Tesla’s charging technology. Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, VW Group brands including Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen, and Stellantis joined the EV charging network in the months that followed.

The Tesla charging standard was adopted by every major US carmaker within nine months, with several vowing to include it in their next-generation cars.

Ford will test this adoption first. Newcomers may strain a popular charging network that Tesla owners have always had exclusive access to.

While briefing the media, Ford officials noted that not all Tesla Superchargers would be available to Ford owners. Ford is teaching consumers how to identify, access, and utilize superchargers like Tesla owners. Ford said a future software update would let customers locate Tesla superchargers using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Ford’s built-in navigation.

Tesla owners can park and plug in without using a credit card or smartphone to pay for electricity, which is a major advantage. Ford allows BlueOval Charge Network users to pay using their FordPass or Charge Assist App on the vehicle’s touchscreen. 

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