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Google adds Gemini to Android Studio to help with writing.

Today, Google made an announcement that the bot that is used in Android Studio would be updated with Gemini Pro. This is part of Google’s ongoing process of introducing Gemini to more diverse products.

During the Google IO developer event that took place in May 2023, the firm revealed Studio Bot for the very first time. The PaLM-2 foundation model drove the development of Studio Bot. For the Android Studio Jellyfish version, the business is releasing Gemini in Android Studio in more than 180 countries across the world.

In February, Google also upgraded the basic model for the Bard chatbot from PaLM-2 to Gemini Pro. This shift occurred in February.

As was the case with the Studio Bot, the new Gemini bot is located inside the IDE (Integrated Development Environment), where developers are able to pose concerns about coding.

According to the firm, developers should see an improvement in the quality of their answers when it comes to code completions, debugging, locating relevant resources, and producing documentation.

According to Google, in order for users to utilize Gemini, they will need to log in and actively allow it. This is due to privacy concerns. Additionally, the replies of the chatbot are mostly determined by the conversation history and context that are given by the developer.

According to the business, users may quickly access the Gemini API beginning template using Android Studio in order to include features powered by generative artificial intelligence in their applications.

Google is resolute in its efforts to fight with competing tools such as GitHub Copilot in the many developer-facing products that it offers. The company created the PaLM-2-based Codey assistant the previous year to answer questions about programming and Google Cloud Services.

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